The 2017 / 18 stocklist,  prices and order form can be downloaded below... 

 Current Stocklist  as a Word Document .. download here  

Current Stocklist - as a pdf - download here ...

We want you to enjoy the experience of planting your trees. As we send out trees over the winter weather is often a factor, but rest assured we will get the trees to you in good condition within the planting window. 

While we send out trees from Nov - til early April , we recommend that you order early, and also do ground preparation prior to the trees arriving while the weather is better. Then when the trees arrive you are ready to plant. Working in winter isn’t always the nicest weather - and there is limited daylight so its worth getting the ground work done prior to us sending trees. We are happy to hold trees safely until you are ready to plant.  

All trees are sent "bare-root", i.e. grown in the open ground, and are dispatched between late November- April  when dormant. (For the past 2 years we extend the bareroot season into July using cold stores to maintain dormancy.) Orders received before this time will be sent out as soon as possible - usually mid November. During the dispatch season, as soon as the backlog is cleared - normally towards the end of November/ early Dec - we aim to send orders within two weeks of receiving the order. Overnight carrier is normally used, (2 days for highland postcodes), and to ensure smooth delivery a place of work is the ideal delivery address. We don’t ask the carrier for signatures - as this complicates things if people are out. Please ensure we have a telephone number and any short special instructions for the carrier if you are out, e.g. 'please leave by greenhouse'.  We will inform you by e-mail when your trees are dispatched.
Trees are mainly sent as 2 year trees - and range in size depending on a range of factors. Soft fruit and some limited range of larger 3 and 4 year trees are available too - for availability and price please contact us. Maidens and other forms are also available.. 

... Contact John Hancox on 0778 606 3918 about ordering, or email your requirements. Or print out the Stocklist and order form 

PAYMENT METHODS - BACS payment is our preferred payment method 
 cheque also welcome  - payable to 
“The Children’s Orchard” 
2 Kelvinside Terrace West  
G20 6DA 

Contact John Hancox 
0778 606 3918 Ordering_files/Scottish%20Fruit%20Trees%202017-18%20Stocklist%20complete.docOrdering_files/Scottish%20Fruit%20Trees%202017-18%20Stocklist%20complete.pdfmailto:john.d.hancox@btinternet.com?subject=Fruit%20tree%20ordershapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1shapeimage_1_link_2