Scottish Heritage Fruit Trees


We supply the finest apple, pear and plum  trees - mainly Scottish and heritage apples, pears and plums suitable for Scotland. We also can supply soft fruit, and some nut trees. Over many years we have provided a range of services, from orchard design and delivery, we have worked with schools and community groups, and delivered practical training to give people the skills and confidence to grow fruit successfully.  We also want people to enjoy planting, harvesting and eating fruit, they have grown themselves. 
Scottish Fruit Trees Stocklist and Order Form. Updated December 2014 .. 

Please ask us about our community, schools and wholesale/ larger order discounts. 

We also can supply fruit tree vouchers to any value which make great presents for birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries - and how about edible Christmas trees for Christmas - just ask. 

We supply the finest fruit trees for Scottish conditions, Scottish Heritage varieties and productive modern varieties extensively trialled in Scotland. These varieties are also suitable for northern England, Wales and Ireland. Most of our heritage varieties are grafted from budwood from John Butterworth’s collection in Ayrshire, and also from various National Trust for Scotland properties. We are very grateful to our many friends and partners who help us gather the old varieties and share their budwood. 
Please note that our stock complies with Scottish Government
plant passport regulations.   


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Fruitful Schools Offer - helping children grow 
School orchards have proved really popular - and we have worked with hundreds of Scottish Schools. There are various good things about school orchards - but one of the best things is how well the cycle of fruit growing fits with the school year. You plant in late autumn to spring, enjoy blossom, and come back from holidays in time for the harvest. It’s perfect for schools.  or 0778 606 3918 
“they are lovely trees - we are very pleased! Thanks.” 

 Who we are? 
We are a small  social enterprise based in Glasgow, committed to improving the environment of Scotland, and the health and wellbeing of the people. John Hancox, Director of Scottish Fruit Trees, is also Chair of Scottish Orchards, and has been an enthusiast for fruit growing since childhood, and believes everyone should have the pleasure of planting, harvesting and eating fruit fresh from the tree. John has done a huge amount to encourage the resurgence of fruit growing across Scotland. John Hancox has also developed the Fruitful Schools and Commonwealth Orchard projects, to help develop community food growing in Scotland. 
How we work? 
We are a specialist mail order business selling Scottish and heritage fruit trees. These can be to individual gardeners, schools, community groups, and also to businesses, farmers, and landowners. 
We  recommend our popular 8 tree orchard packs which consist of 4 apples, 2 plums and 2 pears. These are ideal for schools or community groups wanting to start, as well as individual growers. We choose varieties which we think will best suit your conditions - though we very happy to discuss your requirements.  

Does fruit grow in Scotland? YES! 
Scotland has a long tradition of fruit growing, dating back to Medieval times, when pears and other fruit where planted by churches and abbeys. There is currently an upsurge in interest in fruit growing and development of school orchards, and community orchards for the benefit of the wider community, as well as farms and landowners realising the commercial demand for Scottish grown fruit.  

Growing fruit in Scotland has a long history, and many of the diseases of apples - such as Codling moth do not effect Scotland. So long as suitable varieties are chosen you should have no problem in growing fruit here. 

Which is the best fruit to grow? 
Apples are the most hardy fruit for growing in Scotland  and plums also are very good. Pears are a bit more wind sensitive, so need more shelter, but still are very well worth growing. There are cases of apples growing at the extreme north of Scotland - such as apple Arthur Turner growing in Ullapool, and the Coul Blush apple originating in Ross-shire. Selecting suitable varieties is key to successful and easy fruit growing.

Please ask our advice
There is nothing like specialist knowledge and fruitful advice.  John Hancox, is happy to discuss your needs, and to suggest varieties, orchard design, and other aspects of fruit growing. John also has extensive knowledge of developing school and community orchards, funding sources for orchards, and is also keen on developing a network of likeminded people to support each other, via Scottish Orchards. 
We are also able to do site visits, and give advice and training on a consultancy basis. We can help with planting, pruning, and practical aspects of orchard design and care. 

Contact us
John Hancox  (BSc Hons)  0778 606 3918 
 Scottish Fruit Trees, 2 Kelvinside Terrace West, Glasgow, G20 6DA 

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supplies, training, & services to suit Scottish conditions (also suitable for Northern England, Wales and Ireland.)Welcome_files/Scottish%20Fruit%20Trees%20%28DEC%29%202014-15%20Stocklist%20complete_1.docshapeimage_2_link_0
Helping People Grow and making fruit growing a pleasure for people across Scotland
John Hancox
the Apple Man” 
“making fruit growing
a simple pleasure!”
Fruit trees are also really beautiful in blossom.
there’s something magic about apples straight from the tree.
Creating a Fruitful Scotland for our children and theirs
Coul Blush Apple 
“Scotland’s most northerly apple”
A fine Perthshire Pear”