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About John Hancox (The Man who Plants Fruit Trees) 

John was for many years a

journalist. He worked at various national papers - the Guardian, Herald, Scotsman, Telegraph, Sunday Times, and Observer - and wrote about food policy, farming, and environmental issues. 

John's Interest in fruit dates back to early childhood, remembering the magic of picking ripe fruit and eating it straight from the tree.

​The first apple tree John planted was paid for by a wee diary piece in the Sunday Times. He'd asked a Council Parks Department why they didn't plant fruit trees in the park. He got the answer: People would eat the fruit!

​John doesn't get much time to write now, but has planted thousands of fruit trees in parks across Scotland, as well as in gardens, schools, nurseries and just about everywhere else. 

John Hancox is happy to arrange talks, training and running events in schools and for community groups.  
He is also happy to do practical training in the skills needed to look after fruit trees, or indeed to make his Clydecider. 
Just get in touch to book 
John Hancox 
0778 606 3918 

What We Do & Why We Do It?

Scottish Fruit Trees is a social enterprise aiming to make fruit growing a fun and pleasant thing to do. 

We established in 2006 as the Children's Orchard, and then in 2008 launched the Commonwealth Orchard with the aim for planting 2014 apple trees across Scotland for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. 

While continuing the work with schools and community groups - we developed the Fruitful Schools programme with Scottish Government support. 

We have a long track record of supplying great fruit trees to all areas of Scotland, as well as planning, planting, and maintaining orchards. Our aim over time is to leave a legacy of orchards and fruit trees across Scotland: we are working towards this goal by planting one fruit tree at a time. 

​We have planted thousands of fruit trees within schools, community gardens, allotments, parks, and streets. The fruit grown is for a range of uses, whether that is to be eaten or made into products for the well being and happiness of people across Scotland.

​We are planting fruit trees to be enjoyed by future generations, to improve our environment, and help educate people on the care of fruit trees.​Buying our trees or using our services helps us to support more school and community orchard planting.

​If you'd like to get involved in other ways we'd love to hear from you. 


Helping Children Grow!


Where We Work

Scottish Fruit Trees works across Scotland, helping people to plant the best fruit trees for their area.

We have planted trees and helped establish orchards from the Hebrides to Aberdeen and from Shetland to Stranrear. 

We mostly send trees out to people using carriers, but if requested we come to help plan and plant your trees,​

What We Can Do for You?

Many people think that growing fruit trees is hard, but really it isn't! The trick is to get the right varieties for your location, and from there its quite easy. 

​Whether it is one tree or lots - we are here to help. We can help you select a few trees for your garden by providing a full consultancy, with site visits as well as a planning and planting service. We also offer pruning, grafting, training, and other services. If request, we can help with on going maintenance. 

​Additionally, we can advise on restoring and replanting orchards that have declined.

​Over the past few years we have started to make cider, thus we can advise on planting orchards for cider and can come to press your apples.

Our Services

Who We Are

We are a small social enterprise run by John Hancox and friends.

​Originally John worked on school and community orchards, closely with Nurseryman John Butterworth, of Butterworth's Organic Nursery, in Ayrshire.

When this nursery was shutting in 2011 John Hancox budded up trees from the Butterworth collection, which are now the basis of many of the varieties of supplied on our list. 

​We have added to the list some varieties from the collections of National Trust for Scotland and notably John Hulbert, of Longforgan. We are also adding cider varieties suggested by nurseryman John Worle, from the West Country. 

​Please note that you don't have to be called John to be an enthusiast for growing fruit trees but it does seem to be a tradition! 

If you are a fruit growing enthusiast please get in touch. 

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