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Community Supported Orchards 

We encourage people to plant school and community orchards, and to make locally-sourced juices and ciders. This all takes time and effort. If you'd like to get involved - whether to join in with the orchard squad or the cider press gang - then get in touch.

Volunteers can go to our fruitful trainings for free, in which they can learn new skills, have fun, and do something that is well worth doing. 

We are grateful for the support of Coffee Conscience who has supported us planting over 3000 trees over the past 4 years. If anyone would like to donate to our work in terms of company support or through a company volunteer day, please get in touch. 

The orchards which have been planted over the past fifteen years have been a fantastic team effort in which we want to build on.

By buying our trees or cider as well as using our services, we are able to do more to support the orchards for the next generation.

If you wish to donate a school orchard or trees for a community orchard please contact us donate now

How You Can Help Create a Fruitful Scotland  

  • Donate time or money... or even land!

  • Get your local school or community to plant an orchard - we can give you help to plan a school orchard. Look at our Fruitful School website. 

  • Come and give us a hand. We would love to meet you!

  • We are looking for apple pickers, apple washers and squashers, bottlers, and juice makers. Also look for events organisers, photographers, jugglers, musicians, filmmakers, artists, chefs and bakers to bring fruit and orchards to life.

  • ​The Autumn Apple Appeal - see our Scottish Ciders page - or the website.  Please donate your surplus apples - we can then make juice, cider, and other apple products. Or come and help! 

  • ​If you have an existing orchard, why not have an 'Open Orchards' or 'Pruning Day' event? This would allow people to visit an existing orchard.

  • Donate money to support us planting more community or school orchards. 

  • ​Become an Orchard Village - plant up your gardens and parks with fruit trees, organise apple days and see the trees grow. It'll mean that the next generation grow up living in an orchard. 

  • For community council members, consider holding a 'Village Apple Day' or directing additional funding to plant more fruit trees in your village. 

  • ​Give Fruitful Presents. Giving people you love a fruit tree is a lovely, eco-friendly present.

  • ​Join the Orchard Squad - dig holes, plant trees, be fruitful!  

  • Stock our cider in your restaurant, pub, or bottle shop. See

  • share recipes for cider, calvados, damson gin  or for apple cakes with us - either in the Facebook group - or email John and he'll share in the Fruitful Scotland newsletter 

Let us know if you'd like to get involved

Thanks! We'll be in touch soon.

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