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The Orchard experts

For over 15 years, John Hancox has developed skills and expertise in the practicalities of growing fruit trees and orchard planting in many contexts, including gardens.

John also has pioneered the development of school and community orchards across Scotland. He is a leading expert in how orchards and fruit trees can have positive benefits, in educational, community, and environmental terms. 

We can offer a full service from site visits, planning, supply of trees, and all of the sundries required to establish an orchard. We can also help with pruning and maintaining existing orchards and fruit trees. 

Additionally, we offer advice and support on planting orchards for cider making. We can make small scale cider batches.

We love special projects. Whatever your fruit tree requirements are, please get in touch - we will be delighted to help!


For help and advice please call John  Hancox on 

0778 606 3918

or email:


Planning & Planting  Orchards

We have supported the establishment of quite a number of larger orchard planting projects and restorations of existing orchards. 

Site visits as well as planning services are offered to help make the management of an orchard easier. 

​There is an old orchardist phase that goes, "How the twig is bent, so does it grow". In other words planning really counts. 

​Establishing an appropriate orchard design, picking good quality trees for the location, and planting the trees well is key to achieving success in the long term. 

Selecting the right varieties both for the location, and using the location to its best advantage is critical to success. 

Our Planting Services

We can supply and plant your orchard, and help to maintain it, if required.

​We are also happy to supervise and help with orchard planting being done by you. 

We can  put together orchard planting teams across Scotland to plant and look after your trees.

Whatever your fruit trees or orchard needs may be, we are happy to offer specialised services!


Management plans.  

Successful orchards require a management plan. You have to know when and how to prune, feed and look after the trees.  

When the right variety of tree is planted they are much less likely to require treatment, but it is of course worth knowing what to look our for in terms of disease. 

Through our knowledge of the orchard industry in Scotland we are also able to offer valuable business advice for those trying to build up a fruit related business  

John's Clydecider project which has run for about 5 years now, not only has yielded loads of delicious cider, but also has offered an insight into how Scottish cider can be made, and has helped to stimulate an interest in creating juices and ciders across Scotland 

Encouraging  Fruitful enterprise 

We can help grow your orchard from the initial idea to a fruitful business 

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