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The Clyde Cider Story... and other ciders from Scottish fruit

trees; giving apples a good finish. 

As a consequence of planting over 25000 fruit trees across Scotland, and a fair number of other apples being planted, we are starting to get some big harvests. 

​Cider and juicing is a great way to use excess apples - and indeed was the reason that apples and pears were introduced to Scotland by monks in medieval times. 

​Scotland doesn't have quite the same tradition of cider making as England - here there was a tradition of farmhouse ciders where the farmers who made the best cider tended to get the best workers.  

​Keeping the workers happy continues to be at the heart of our wee cider making enterprise. Apples are donated and people press juice all for the fun of it. Profits go back into planting more orchards or buying more cider making equipment. 

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Clyde Cider - How it Works 

We run an Apple Amnesty, and if you have too many apples, we will take them and give you some cider (as a thank you) in return. 

We have volunteering opportunities to pick apples, help to make juice, and learn about cider making.

​We can provide a contract juicing service, and consultancy advice on cider making. We also can advise on planting orchards for cider making, and of course have our Cider Orchard packs.

Clyde Cider is a fine craft cider made with lovely local apples. 

We swap Apples for Cider. Don't let surplus apples go to waste! 

Join the Press Gang

Make cider - save the planet 

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