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Order Now for the 2023/24 Bare Root Season

The 2023/24 stocklist, prices, and order form are below.

Note that stock is limited so ordering early is recommended.



Have a look at our stocklist and decide what you would like to order


Use our online order form, or email us to let us know what you want 

help & advice 

Phone John on  

0778 606 3918

or go to our advice page

GIFT  vouchers

Fruit trees make great presents

orchard Packs

An easy and cost -effective way to order trees suitable for your area 

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Choosing the right varieties 

In Scotland, getting the right variety for your location is really important for success and we are delighted to help you. You need to pick varieties that reflect the uses you have in mind for the fruit - eaters, cookers or even cider.

Our stocklist is available on our home page  and includes descriptions of the different varieties, plus an order form at the end (a long way back). We have  posted the stocklist as a webpage  - as occasionally people have difficulty with pdfs. 

Because we have so many varieties of trees, and also because Scotland's growing conditions are so diverse, we don't offer an online shopping cart or click and collect.  We can select suitable trees for training into cordon or espalier forms.

Expert advice 

We like talking to people and making sure that the varieties you are selecting are the right ones for you. 

Often the best way is to ring to discuss your potential order in the first instance -  John is at 0778 606 3918. Or email  a wish list and we'll check availability and suitability.  It is very helpful to have details of the site, photos of the site, and information on soil conditions sent by email prior to the call. (  

We have an orchard planning form here which you can fill in and return.    

How to order 

To order,  look through our stocklist and then email through a  list of what you want, or use our Order  Form .  We will then generate an invoice and send it though to you.

Remember any sundries such as stakes ties and guards required. We can also provide a fair variety of Scottish soft fruit, which are listed.

Typically it takes 2 to 3 weeks from ordering to delivery, but this is subject to weather.


Payment can be made Information on costs and carriage is included in the stocklist.

We take payment prior to dispatch. Please pay by cheque or by bank transfer when you receive the invoice and we will then set up the order. 

  • Let us know when you pay  - if you send us an email we can track the order. 

  • Ask us for prices for bulk orders - postage and packing is £20 per bundle of up to 8 bare root trees. 

  • Stakes, ties, labels, and other orchard essentials can be supplied.  

Cheques should be payable to “Heritage Fruit Trees Ltd” at:

Heritage Fruit Trees; 2 Kelvinside Terrace West, Glasgow G20 6DA.

Alternatively, if you email us, we will generate an invoice which includes details for a bank transfer.

If in doubt - contact John Hancox: 0778 606 3918 or

Larger Projects & Wholesale Orders 

For larger projects give us a call to discuss our consultation service.  This includes site visits, orchard plans, as well as supervising planting. Visits can only be made by arrangement and not at our busier times - otherwise orders don't get dispatched!   

Thanks! We'll be in touch soon.


See below for our 


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order form
orchard packs

See below for 


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Our Scottish Orchard Packs offer good value and a simplified order process; we are happy to select suitable varieties for you.

Orchard packs have proved popular and  are a straightforward way of getting started. We select varieties suitable for your location,  but if you want us to include certain varieties then let us know:

Special Offer - Valid until 15th March 2024

Scottish Orchard Pack

Our selection of 8 delicious fruit trees at 2 years (4 apple, 2 plum, 2 Pears, plus planting instructions). Suitable for Scottish gardens, schools, and community groups.

£219.00  Inc VAT + P&P (saving 20%)


Special Offer - Valid until 15th March 2024

Scottish Cider Orchard Pack

Our selection of 8 sweet and sharp apple trees - suitable for eating, cooking, and cider making. Including a crab apple for pollination and added tannins.

£219.00 Inc VAT + P&P (saving 20%)


Special Offer - Valid until 15th March 2024

Mixed Orchard Pack

Our selection of 4 apple trees, 3 blackcurrants, 3 redcurrants, 3 gooseberries, 5 raspberry canes, 1 blackberry (thornless), and 1 blueberry, plus planting directions.  

£219.00 Inc VAT + P&P (saving 20%)


See below for:


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gift voucher

Fruit trees make special presents  for weddings, birthdays, house warming, retirement gifts and other occasions.

If you are buying trees for a present, why not consider a voucher? This would allow the recipient to discuss their requirements with us as well as arrange a convenient delivery time. 

Our   voucher is usually bespoke to include wee message from you (we’ll send it to you to proof- read; you can then print or  email on to your recipient). 

Please give John a call to discuss on

0778 606 3918

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