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Making fruit growing a pleasure for people across Scotland 

Making fruit growing a pleasure for people across Scotland 

Scottish Heritage Fruit Trees 

We are Scotland's specialist fruit tree suppliers - we have apple  plum, pear, cherry, nuts such as hazel and walnut and soft fruit bushes, including raspberries, currants and gooseberry. We specialise in  old heritage varieties, such as Bloody Ploughman, Galloway Pippin, White Melrose, Lass O'Gowrie, as well as mainstream popular varieties like James Grieve, Discovery and Bramley. The most important thing in making fruit growing a pleasure, is getting  you growing the right varieties for your location. We have many years of experience of growing fruit across Scotland and are happy to help you establish or maintain your trees 

As a social enterprise we support the planting of school and community orchards, and preserve old and rare varieties - as well as planting the orchards of the future.   We want to give people inspiration to plant trees and the skills to look after them. By buying our trees you are supporting this work. 



We have been working for 15 years planting about 30,000 trees across Scotland, but we are proud to be continuing a tradition of fruit growing dating back centuries. 

Many varieties were introduced in medieval times, and are associated with abbeys and churches. We also supply a wide range of fruit trees (apple, plum, pear, and cherry), which do well in Scotland's varied climates - from the Borders to Shetland, from Ullapool to the Hebrides, Oban to St Andrews, Aberdeen to Stranrear.  

We have planted over 500 school and many community orchards across Scotland - to see more take a look at our Case Studies.

Most of our heritage varieties were grafted from budwood from nurseryman John Butterworth's collection in Ayrshire, from National Trust for Scotland properties, and also we are grateful to Dr John Hulbert who supplied most of the heritage pear budwood, and many other friends who have shared their budwood to keep these ancient varieties growing for the next generation. 

Please note that our stock complies with Scottish Government plant passport regulations.

John Hancox, the Apple Man and Orchard Expert.

Supplies finest and delicious fruit trees, nuts and soft fruit to suit Scotland, North England, Wales, and Ireland. 

For help and advice please call John on 0778 606 3918 or email

Creating a Fruitful Scotland

We have been working for over 15 years with schools, community groups, charities, housing associations, councils, farmers, foresters, landscape architects, garden designers, permaculturalists, allotmenteers, and hobby gardeners, helping to create a Fruitful Scotland. 

We have helped to start up many apple day events and supplied fruit trees to many, including Edinburgh Botanic Gardens, Dumfries House, and Glasgow City Council. With your support we can do much more to create a Fruitful Scotland. As a social enterprise, we spend at least 1 day a week supporting school and community orchards. By supporting us and buying our trees, you help support the development of a Fruitful Scotland. We also sometimes get donations, volunteers, and support, which allow us to help with new school and community orchards . 

How to Plan and Plant Your Orchard

(However Big or Small)

We have years of experience in planning and planting orchards, and we are delighted to help you to design and plan yours.

​It's worth taking your time to get it right - but don't leave it too long. The old joke, is the best time to plant an orchard is 20 years ago. The next best time is now. 

We can provide an orchard planning consultancy service, including site visits, reports, advice on ground preparation, and we are happy to either plant or to supervise planting. This is well worthwhile for larger planting plans. Ask for costs for these services. 

We are happy to give free advice by phone or email. If you could download the Planning Your Orchard - answer the questions and get it back to me: email

Fruitful Schools, Nurseries and Community Orchards

Over the past 14 years we have helped to plant over 500 school and community orchards. We can assist schools and community groups to develop their orchard projects, help direct people to funding, and in some cases can help to supply trees via supporters and labour via our volunteers. 

Helping children grow... 

School orchards have proved really popular - and we have worked with hundreds of Scottish Schools and thousands of pupils. There are various good things about school orchards - but one of the best things is how well the cycle of fruit growing fits with the school year. You plant in late autumn to spring, enjoy blossom, and come back from holidays in time for the harvest. It’s perfect for schools.  

Make yours a Fruitful School... here's how

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