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Orchards for farms, smallholders and estates

Apples, Plums and pears grow well in Scotland and there is a resurgence of interest in commercial scale fruit growing.. An increasing number of farms, smallholders and estates has started to plant substantial sized orchards. This is partly for farm diversification and in many cases it is to do with an understandable desire to make juice, cider and other apple products for personal use, and as an additional product for farm shops .

Recent examples of newly planted large scale orchards are at Arran Distillery, and another example is at Elgin Orchard at the farm at Kirkhill, nr Elgin., both of which I have been involved with. Examples of estates we have worked on to develop orchards include Mountstuart, Bute, Drmnin Estate, and Ardtornish Estate in Morven, Megginch, Perthshire, and many others

We can supply a wide range of support to farms and estates in supplying eating, cooking and cider apple trees on a wholesale basis., We can understake a site visit, offer a planning and planting service. A;ll projects are different - and we bespoke our services to suit what is required. We can also assist with information for business plans to help secure funding.

Orchards also can be great as visitor attractions with blossom and harvest events being a way to encourage visitors at the start and end of the tourist season ...

If you wish to discuss the idea of developing a larger orchard or getting prices for whole sale orders get in touch with John Hancox at - I'll be delighted to advise. or ring me on 0778 606 3918

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