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Selecting best apple varieties for a Scottish Garden

How To Choose Fruit Trees For A Scottish Garden

An apple tree is a most valuable addition that you can make to any garden and will offer immense enjoyment and likely also good yields for years to come. It can also be an integral part of a functioning and productive garden ecosystem.

When to choose?

The best time to decide on new fruit trees for your garden? Well that does not matter so much. The most important thing is to plant the right variety for your site, and also growing the kind of fruit that you want. And that is where we at Scottish Fruit trees can help. We are always happy to advise on hardy and delicious varieties. .

You can purchase and plant fruit trees throughout the year. It may be slightly cheaper way to buy a fruit tree is as a bare-root sapling over the dormant period between late autumn and spring. These can be planted whenever the soil is not frozen or waterlogged.

Planting the bare root trees is fairly easy. However it is worth spending time and getting the ground preparation right. Though it should be remembered that planting young fruit trees is an investment not for today but for the future. People talk about planting pears for their heirs. And that is rather nice - but actually if you select the right tree on the right rootstock you can get them fruiting within a couple of years.

Looking at our stocklist, I know people can easily be overwhelmed by the huge variety of fruit trees on offer. But we are happy to help with that. Our knowledge of which varieties are best suited to Scotland's climate which of course varies from Inverness, Stirling, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

This is why, whichever sort of fruit tree you select, it is  good idea to purchase it from a nursery or garden centre that is as close as possible to where you live, as this means it is more likely to be a variety that is well adapted to the conditions of your area.

Apple Trees

Apples are a personal passion - I often am asked about my favourites. Early season apples which are just ripening now, as a huge treat. I had my first Discovery yesterday, picked from an orchard in Airdrie. And George Cave is also ripe and my friend John Butterworth reckoned on this being one of the finest eaters. These can be grown in small gardens so long as they are fairly sunny.

Delicous George Cave apples - taste great from the tree

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