Orchard Packs

Orchard Packs

Read about our selection packs of delicious fruit trees.

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Orchard Packs

Orchard packs have proved popular as a good value and straightforward way of getting started. We select varieties suitable for your location, making selection easy, but if you want us to include certain varieties then let us know. :

Special Offer - Valid until 15th March 2020

Scottish Orchard Pack

Our selection of 8 delicious fruit trees at 2 years (4 apple, 2 plum, 2 Pears, plus planting instructions). Suitable for Scottish gardens, schools, and community groups.

£159, Inc P&P (saving 40%)

Special Offer - Valid until 15th March 2020

Scottish Cider Orchard Pack

Our selection of 8 sweet and sharp apple trees - suitable for eating, cooking, and cider making. Including a crab apple for pollination and added tannins.

£159, Inc P&P (saving 40%)

Special Offer - Valid until 15th March 2020

Mixed Orchard Pack

Our selection of 4 apple trees, 3 blackcurrants, 3 redcurrants, 3 gooseberries, 5 raspberry canes, 1 blackberry (thornless), and 1 blueberry, plus planting directions.  

£159, Inc P&P (saving 40%)

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